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Don’t be shy with your body odors… Let’s understand why we all sweat (more or less!) and let’s Odes Naturelles come with simple solutions!


Why do we sweat?

Perspiration (or sweating) is the natural evacuation of water through the pores of the skin to regulate body temperature.

We sweat for various reasons:

  • hot weather,
  • nervousness,
  • physical exercise,
  • fever,
  • spicy or fat food…


What is perspiration?

It is 99% of water (+ minerals, toxin, lactic acid…) secreted by sweat glands and evacuated via skin pores on all the body surface.

      • The apocrine glands produce sweat reacting under the influence of the hormones (armpits, chest, genital)
      • The eccrine glands make the sweat that is on the rest of the body and help the body to cool down.


Did you know that?

Quantity of sweat is             < more important for men               > decreasing with the age

Why does perspiration smell bad?

To make the long story short, here is the life of bacteria development on our skin:

The perspiration which smells bad is the one produced by the apocrine glands because it contains fatty substances.

Those fatty substances feed bacteria….

And, when bacteria are developing, it smells bad!


Did you know that?

Aggravating factors of bad odors are:

> The hairs      > The synthetic clothes      > The spicy food      > The fatty food

Functions of a deodorant

To remedy excessive sweating and feel comfortable in society, we want to avoid odors and humidity.

What do we find on conventional market?

Deodorants which hide odors, but contain antifungal and antibacterial agents, perfume, alcohol, parabens… All of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors and lead to hormonal dysfunction.

Antiperspirants which block the perspiration and disrupt the sweat glands functions. They contain aluminum salts which lead to neurological and osteoporosis dysfunction. The link between breast cancer and the presence of aluminum salts in antiperspirants remains to be determined, studies are still underway.

Well, we now understand that it is better to ban the use of this type of product! But we still want to avoid humidity and bad odors from our armpits!…

This is exactly what natural deodorants offer with very simple and effective ingredients!


  • Eliminates sweat odors caused by bacteria
  • Respects the natural perspiration process
  • Does not bring chemical side effects

Deodorants simply composed with vegetable oil, starch, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium hydroxide meet the criteria above and preserve your heath!

The extra of Odes’ deodorant stick: it also preserves the Environment thanks to the cardboard packaging 😊

Let’s visit Odes’ online store and choose your deodorant stick!

We always advise pregnant women and breastfeeding mums to use skincare which are free of essential oil!

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