Beauty meets Nature

The solids!

We abandoned them years ago in favor of liquid textures, gels and emulsions, but solid cosmetics are making a comeback with unstoppable assets!

Soaps, shampoos, deodorants, day and night care : all your usual body care products are available in solid format.

They only have advantages!


They are convenient!

No way of abandoning conventional products and regressing in terms of comfort of use! Solids are easy to handle, easy to use, easy to store and easy to transport! There is no risk of leaks! They are a great hand-luggage option, you will always have them on hand!


They are efficient and good for skin!

Solid cosmetics are made of a short composition without water, which means they are very concentrated in active ingredients. Ingredients in solid cosmetics are chosen only for their benefits on skin or hair. Your skin will absorb nothing but natural and efficient ingredients.


They are good for Health!

The formulas of solid cosmetics are developed only with unprocessed ingredients. They contain no chemical preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances. Odes’ products are made only from vegetable oils, vegetables waxes, essential oils, and flower or mineral powders. Of course, the rule when you buy a cosmetic product is to always check its composition: if you understand the name of all the ingredients indicated in the list, you can be confident! 😉


They are good for Environment!

Natural cosmetics made from only natural ingredients are 100% biodegradable. Those products do not pollute the environment with plastics, silicones or synthetic preservatives which stay for life in nature and destroy the ecosystem. Moreover, when using solid cosmetics, you never throw away products because they are used until the end! The packaging is also designed to have a minimal impact on environment as well as the process of manufacturing which promote reusable equipment and very low quantity of water.


One tip for getting started : do not use conventional cosmetics and solid cosmetics in the same time! Once you have decided to start with solid and natural cosmetics, we encourage to keep going in order to fully appreciate them and letting your skin detoxifying!

Start easy : use a solid soap for your body instead of a conventional shower gel! You will soon notice that your skin is nourished and not dry at all after shower! Moreover, the solid soap foams as much as the shower gel and let an amazing fragrance in your bathroom!


Let’s visit Odes Naturelles’ online shop  and find your solids!


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